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Philosophy & Approach

We Care
Our prime concern is the care and nurture of the children at the nursery. We recognise that every child is an individual with gifts and talents particular to them. One of our tasks is to recognise these talents and to draw them out.

For babies, many of whom may be placed with us full time; in these initial months our emphasis is on care, warmth and a smile. Just as parents talk to their babies, cuddle and play with them, so do we.

Fun and Discovery
Later, children start the process of preparing themselves for school but the emphasis is still on care, fun and discovery.

Whilst the children are organised into the usual age groups, there is considerable flexibility in this so that a child’s individual pace of development can be recognised. A child will not be moved on to the next stage just because he or she has had a birthday!

Development Matters
Children in our care follow a structured programme of development through play. This is tailored to each individual child to ensure they get the most out of their experience in our care. 


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